IST degree can be a substantial investment — both of your time and your finances.

Whether you’re an undergraduate, graduate, international student or online student, remember that it is an investment in your future, and the costs associated with your education are only half the story; scholarships and grants play a significant role in making your education more affordable.

Outlined below are the differences between cost of attendance and tuition costs. Cost of Attendance Cost of attendance is more than just a calculation of out-of-pocket expenses. Rather, it is a figure that takes into account the total estimated costs of attending a college or university for one academic year, including everything from tuition and books to room & board, transportation, and personal expenses.

Costs by Programs Tuition and Fees


-$2,250 for 3 Years (Bachelor’s)

-$2,750 for 4 years (Bachelor’s)

-$1,250 for 1 Years( Bac IV)


$1,850 for 2 years (Masters)

$6000 for 3 Years (PhD)

Other Fees and Charges Change of Course Fee (Per course Added and Dropped, after the semester begins) $40 Graduation Fee (Undergraduate) $100 Graduation Fee (Graduate) $150 Graduation Postponement Fee $75 Lab Fee $100 Late Graduation Application Fee $100 Returned Check Fee $40 Student ID Replacement Fee $20 Thesis Binding Fee $60

1. To fill all of the information is compulsory and send on,

2. The registration fees are about ,220USD for Phd, 120USD for Master , 120USD for Bac IV, 50USD for Bac I